Lubanga, 24, and Dirisa, 18, born and residents of Kibooba village in Mpoma parish, Nama sub-county are young determined individuals that are causing positive impact in their community. After joining the Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Apprenticeship program (LEAP) Lubanga and Dirisa decided to make an alliance and agreed to start a vegetable growing project. As part of this project they grow a variety of vegetables. Though most of the community members require a big piece of land to do agriculture, Dirisa and Lubanda have broken the status quo. Having acquired innovative skills through LEAP they have introduced innovative technologies where they plant vegetables in both plastic tins and polyethene bags around the house and use drop by drop irrigation, which they claim has helped them to maintain their gardens in good conditions during the dry season. The first harvest from tomatoes and green papers brought them a profit of $7 which gave them an inspiration to work hard for more harvests.

With the inspiration and mentorship from their LEAP mentor, Lubanga and Dirisa have added garlic growing to their list of vegetables they grow. With these projects they have saved $150 which they have re-invested in the business. They have now setup a community demonstration garden for garlic to empower the community since they believe that they are the changemakers in their community. 

“Our parents have now put trust in us and we have become role models to other youth in the village, more so our mind set has really changed”, Lubanga and Dirisa commented. Their slogan is “let us keep trying until we get there and we shall be better than those who would have feared to try.

Changing the mindset of a person is worth celebrating. Today Lubanga and Dirisa are jubilating with M.C.E Uganda’s intervention that has enabled them to create practical solutions that they have lived and will live to show and share with others.