Mpoma HIV/AIDS Initiative was founded in 1999 by a group of people, mainly women, infected and affected by HIV/AIDS in southern Uganda and provides health and education to marginalized communities. Mpoma is our implementing partner on the ground.

The Segal Family Foundation invests in efficient, charitable solutions that improve life in sub-Sahara Africa. They were KLC’s first major supporter.

AISM is an independent investment advisor and wealth manager dedicated to providing independent, bespoke asset management solutions for better portfolio management.
AISM is our first corporate partner and will become a steady KLC sponsor, helping us build our network in Europe.

The Healthy World Foundation seeks to advance the development of interventions that help the poorest and most vulnerable people in the world live healthier lives. They are KLC’s partner in our health initiative with Mpoma community.

Soft Power Health operates a clinic, a malaria prevention and family planning educational outreach program in Uganda. They assist KLC by training our community and health workers to better implement their outreach programs.

Kyetume Community Based Health Care Programme is a grow partner-rowing organization striving to improve the welfare of the Mukono District in Uganda and working to advance initiatives geared towards health and socioeconomic development.

Kyethume is one of our major partners on the ground with our health initiative.

Reverse the Course, LLC and Reverse The Course Foundation are dedicated to directly impacting lives by assisting girls in under-developed communities attend school. They currently sponsor 13 secondary school girls in our community.

To inspire and unlock people’s full potential for meaningful personal and community development.

MSU practices a total market approach by providing free services to the rural poor, at subsidy to the peri-urban and through user fees to urban and middle income clients. MSU is significantly contributing to the contraceptive prevalence rate in Uganda through various channels.

Jochnick Foundation was founded in 2004 with the purpose to contribute to the Greater Good by supporting projects that focus on children, youth, education, and world health.